What We Do
If the recessionary years have taught us anything, they have taught us frugality and flexibility, adding innovative thought and new procedural approaches. We offer the services of an ad agency, but we operate like a consultancy, resulting in our clients getting the exact level and depth of services needed. For example, within one service component like graphic design we can provide multiple levels of quality and price, depending on budget and client needs. Our range of services is wide and is constantly growing.
We put service above and beyond anything else we offer at R F Timberlake & Company. We make ourselves this promise before we make one to you: “If we can’t do the task you need and do it well we won’t take the work.” Now you won’t find that in many agency listings.
We create limited or ongoing campaigns that provide linked strategic advertising directed at the proper audience segment through congruent message points expressed through old and new media. Integrating a new product or service into the overall scheme of things is a given. Understanding how it all blends together into the fold later is our extraordinary talent.
Interesting, appealing & thought-provoking. Those are our goals as we blend art with call-to-response-copy from our talented multiple sources, and it's all overseen by two levels of management review.
Providing an impacting image of a product or service to a specific audience is what we do to create or strengthen a brand or to position or reposition, but it’s more math than art. We use the right mix of data, research and subsequent analyses to ensure an on-target effort.
Our exceptional working relationships with media provide our clients with optimal purchase and added value whether the medium is traditional broadcast, print, outdoor or new media on the web.
Of particular need to internal marketing groups that place media directly, we serve companies who want third party media audits to provide comparative media analysis and adjustment recommendations. We offer media planning without executing the placement to companies that want to direct control of buying and/or media relationships.
Developing business plans for small business and/or marketing plans for varied product or service introductions are at the front of our marketing folder. We like integrating the business plan and the marketing plan into a realistic strategic plan. Our processes center on customer development and/or the retention of current customers. A more complete marcom service includes budget development, assessment, strategic and tactical planning.
A growing number of clients with internal marketing staff choose to have outside help review how well their company is on its marketing track and in keeping with its developed plan. With our reviews come improvement recommendations, all performed with accuracy and discretion.
The mixture and ratio of tools such as capabilities brochures or websites are ever-changing. We evaluate and direct the mix using a blend of collateral materials, direct marketing and e-marketing, saving clients’ money and time. E-newsletters and call-to-action email bulletins are atop our menu of sales tools, white papers, corporate brochures as well as new media and websites.
Whether it's planning trade show components such as displays, hand-out materials or premiums, we can make your company show at its best. More importantly, we can train your trade show personnel to be at their best. In many categories of business, we can also provide you with professionals from your type of business to operate your booth, allowing your top sales professionals to focus on customers.
With a background of news reporting among our associates and consultants, media relations to us is second nature, and we enjoy long-term media relationships in general media and several trade-specific areas. We are proficient in PR campaigns, media training, and PR tools like background kits, media advisories and releases. Crisis management, issues management and government relations liaison and oversight round out our PR services.
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What We Do

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